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I love it. I’m going to cancel Hulu! And I’ve already cut the cord. I like it better than slingtv. Might not have all the channels like sling but I get better service where I live.

Better than Hulu and PlayStation Vue

YouTube TV has a schedule grid that neither Hulu nor Sony has. Another nice feature is that when Airplaying a show to the Apple TV, you can look at the schedule, etc on the iPad without affecting the video feed to the TV. A big negative is the missing Apple TV app. It would be much better to be able to watch shows directly on the Apple TV. However, I would like to have the ability to use an iPad as a smart remote with the current functionality the app has.

App keeps disconnecting from Chromecast

The iOS app keeps disconnecting from the chrome cast. When I start to pause or fast forward a show, I have to stop casting and restart. I am running the latest version of the app on iOS 11. I have a Chromecast Ultra that is plugged in via ethernet. This is a new issue, possibly starting a few days ago.

Love YouTube TV

YouTube TV works great and I absolutely love the service. Just need TNT, TBS, NFL Network and MLB Network and I'm all set.

Love it!!

Perfect channel lineup for sports loving cable cutters!! Recording feature was an unexpected bonus! I love You Tube Tv! (They just need to get TBS before March Madness!)

Excellent but ....

Great app and love the DVR and I know you’re working on it but definitely need more channels

Glad YouTube is doing this but...

I love that YouTube is getting into the cord-cutting category. I’m a cord-cutter myself and I’m always in search for the best out there. YouTube TV, for now, isn’t the best out there. Though it does things better, like DVR, it’s still missing a lot of what its competitors offer. For example, movie channels, HBO, Cinemax, starz, showtime, etc... YouTube doesn’t offer that many basic channels as of yet so the price for it right now isn’t justifiable, in my opinion. I feel it should be $10 cheaper. I know YouTube will improve this service, I know they will. I want this to be my TV app I want it to be the best and I want the price to be very competitive and correct. I hope YouTube does this at a quick pace. I love using Google products and services. So please YouTube hurry up and show us what this app is really capable of.

Buggy app and unpredictable behavior

1. Advertisements sometimes keep looping on apple tv. 2. Cannot skip forward sometimes when casting to chromecast. 3. Sometimes have to airplay several times to get video running on apple tv. 4. Sometimes i only get audio on apple tv while the video plays on my phone. And on and on and on.

TV great, DVR needs work

I love YouTube TV and everything they've done to allow me to cut the cord. But the DVR playback via Chromecast needs work. Bad. First, when you record a show and try to watch while it is recording, the show doesn't start at the beginning; it jumps right into the live action. This is EXTREMELY problematic when it comes to watching sports. Second, when your phone or tablet goes to rest after time untouched, it seems to unpaid with the Chromecast and not work as a remote. Thus, you are forced to disconnect and reconnect. Third (and piggybacking of the second point), when you reconnect after being unpaired, you are forced to select the program again from the DVR library and it does not remember the last point where it stopped. The program resets to the beginning almost every time. Finally, there needs to be an option to extend a recording. Simply put, many sports games/matches do not end on time and a General cable DVR had the option to extend recordings. There may be more issues, but that's all I can think of now as were presented while watching recorded playoff baseball from FS1 this evening.

No thanks, terrible experience

Unimpressed, buggy, bad user experience. ads abruptly interrupt programming instead of being at natural commercial breaks, inability to fwd recordings, general lack of features & popular channels expected with regular TV, broken onboarding for adding family members to same plan, not worth the price at all. Will not renew past the trial.

NYC works perfectly

I finally cut SpectrumTV cable out of my life. I will miss Pat Kiernan and NY1, but for what Spectrum charges for basic broadcast is nuts. I live in NYC and find YouTubeTV to work just fine but note: when streaming from your phone and you receive a call the streaming stops and you need to relaunch the content, but it’s a minor irritant compared to nasty rash Time Warner Spectrum caused! If you live in an area that receives this option, I recommend giving it a whirl!

Works Great but Needs Variety

The app works great. Beams quickly to my chromecast. Very responsive. The only problem I have is the lack of programming. Seems like about 50% of the programming is Sports and 25% News. The rest of the available programming is pretty standard but there never seems to be anything good to watch. Great if you’re into nothing but sports and news.


Very helpful. Alternative to paying cable bills which I refuse to be a contract slave. This is a great option with a good free trial to see if it is for you 👌

Bad ads

Playback freezes constantly on Apple TV. Some shows have 12-15 minutes of unskippable ads. Can’t watch nfl on your phone.

Bad remote control

Rating for IOS app only. Constantly lose ability to control casted program. Really annoying. Programming great. DVR great. Local channels Good. Too bad about behavior as a remote control , close to a deal killer.

Simple to a fault

It’s well built for what it is but more depth would be great. I’d love to see a grid view of shows, quickly scan back and forth between hours of the day and such. It’s held back from being a truly suitable cable replacement. I really wish there were a fast forward feature instead of just jumping ahead a la YouTube proper. I miss using a remote to a tv box to just hit fast forward through commercials or jump ahead more than a few seconds. Naturally more channels would be welcome also. I love the auto record functionality and the freedom to record as much as I want but the functionality of the app overall is frustrating.

Needs work

Very clean Needs a lot of work in organizing favorites and being useful

Don't waste your money

Very unsatisfied with the app. The Chromecast needed to use this has been unavailable every time I've checked so I'm not able to use this on my tv. It's BS that you can't cancel through the app and you have to go through apples subscription service to cancel. I absolutely would not recommend this to anyone.

Not supported by any device worth having.

No Apple TV. No Amazon Fire Tv.

Best option fo TV

I have none of the issues mentioned in other reviews. Switching channels is easy with the last 2 viewed at the bottom of the screen. I watch NASCAR, football as well as other sports and no stutters or freezing at any time much different then Netflix. It could be that I have an internet upgrade to higher speed (at a higher price) which is well worth it. Totally satisfied just needs better surround sound 5.1.

Tony g

This app has the best viewing options for me. It has golf, sports, local and national news. I'm really pleased with it and would recommend it to everyone.

Could be great.

update *** I've given an extra star, now that landscape support has been added to the ipad app. But i cancelled my subscription and wont pay for the service until Roku and/or FireTV is supported. Also, I don't think I'll be willing to give up TNT or TBS, so i really hope that you tube will add them to their linup. and soon. original review... So to start, i signed up for a month free trial. But after signing up it asked me to download the app at the apple app store. So i do that, but it now looks like i will be paying for TWO subscriptions, apple charging me 5$ more per month! Not cool. I immediately cancelled the app store subscription, but don't even no how to cancel the original one through YouTube, i still have a week left. now about the actual functionality of the app. I Like it better than others I've tried, after i got used to it, BUT.... there is no way to use app in landscape mode, which is ridiculous. so i constantly have to pick up my docked ipad, to change a channel or do anything in the app. My other major gripe about the app, is that I haven't found any way to create favorite channels, allowing me to filter out channels i never watch. Very important to me. I also found the app initially very difficult to navigate. not particularly intuitive and I still haven't figured out why i would ever go to the home screen. Other than that, the app is pretty good and seems relatively reliable. But, the real reason I'm only giving two stars: I have no way to watch on my TV. I have both a fire stick and a roku, neither are supported. So the service is useless until i can actually watch it on one of my large screen tv's. and, the channel lineup is missing a couple of my must have channels, that i currently have on my Sling Blue account for only $25 including: TNT, TBS, CNN, HGTV, and Comedy Central. So until Youtube gets the rights to at least a couple of these, I'll stick to sling.

Plz develop Apple TV stand alone app!

Subtitle doesn’t work when AirPlay on my Apple TV.

Got the YouTube TV app on ...

I installed the app on my Mac computer and my iPhone but there were lost of zip code setup that are different ! The Mac computer has the location set to Los Angeles and one the iPhone was only able to set location as in Palm Springs, CA. There is a big difference in available local channels available ! Los Angeles has local channels and on the iPhone NO local channels.

Great selection of channels

Love the app, but hate having to airplay all the time. Every time I get a phone call, my daughter freaks, because her show quits. Can’t wait for an Apple TV app.

Seems to be fantastic

Have been streaming firs week now. Has all the channels I like to watch. Streams flawlessly. Recording showed is unlimited. Only thing I wish it did was allow better fast forwarding of commercials when playing recorded shows. 15 second fast forward button is awkward.

Such a long way to go before it competes

It’s cheaper if you activate on a device other than through iTunes. No Guide. Are you kidding me? No Apple TV app. NFL can’t work on your phone. (Rights issues) It does work on tablets or if you stream it to your TV, even if you stream from your phone. No way to delete recorded shows. No way to have it record only new shows. So if you set it to record Big Bang Theory or Modern Family, you suddenly have hundreds of shows recorded. No CNN, TNT or TBS. (YouTube trying to keep costs down) I thought I’d share with my kids who are in college out of state, but it doesn’t work where they are. Only a few cities are supported. And I can’t be certain if this is a fault with YouTube TV or Airplay, but if you’re AirPlaying a live show using AirPlay, and try to use the 15-second skip, the audio plays but the picture is frozen on a single frame.

Everything I needed.

Nothing more, but it's early.

Worked fine, but hate the ads

If $40/month isn’t enough to provide ad-free TV, then charge more. I would love to have a service like this, but I won’t put up with ads. I would suggest that they think about providing a version w/o ads for more money.

Better than I thought

At first I was bummed that there was no Apple TV app (still am a little). Major reason for subscribing is sports and I like to watch and follow Twitter at the same time. Finding out that I had to use airplay was a deal breaker until I found out I could airplay AND use other apps on my phone at the same time. Nice work YouTube! It's a great solution for now. I'd love to see an Apple TV app soon.


I wanna watch tv on here but I don’t have it where I am I don’t like this bring it to Tulsa Broken Arrow I'm really disappointed

Awesome except...

This is an awesome app! The only issue I have is not being able to watch NFL games on network TV. I wish that they would explain why I can’t watch the games on my cellphone. I have to cast them on my laptop, or on my television. Unfortunately I do not have cable tv or wifi in my house. I thought by having YouTube TV I could avoid getting expensive cable or a dish. Other than that, I thoroughly enjoy the app.

Don't ask me to rate you during while I am watching

Great app, generally speaking, but the app asked me to rate itself during the final seconds of a college football game, blocking the screen and obfuscating the play. And for that -- one star!

absolutely awful

all of a sudden its not available in my area after i paid for the subscription, hmm...

My apprehension was missplaced, I love this app/service

Besides being a lower cost than a cable service I found that the service offered exactly what I was looking for. The video quality I found to be really good and even when I had checked out a new case on LTE. The app is easy to use and seeing a bit of a preview is awesome. It would be nice to have one YouTube app that covers videos/TV/muisc. But I am happy with this one. No crashing.

Good, but could be great

Great content, great app performance, great overall value. 4 stars, not 5 stars because: no appleTV app. Once it’s available on AppleTV (not just via AirPlay) this will be the best out there.

Lame App

October 13, 2017 1. If you fast for you keep getting spinning wheel. Even with high-speed broadband Internet. Have to turn app off. And then when you restart you have to watch from the beginning. 2. If you pause the program, when you return the movie starts at the beginning. Does not remember where you paused.

Best of the streaming apps and it isn’t close

Ultimately it is about channel selection and preference, however, if all that is relatively equal for you, just go with YouTube TV. The unlimited dvr, local channels mostly present everywhere, and the most intuitive and seamless interface make it the best IMO. Plus the price is on the less expensive side of the market.

Thanks YouTube

Got rid of conventional cable more than two years ago. I was missing the news just a tiny bit. Glad to have this service!! Woo-hooo!!! Please look into expanding... BET, VH1, OWN, TV One... Gracias!

Apple TV app please!

I signed up for this, but now realized there is no Apple TV app for it. I know I can use airplay but it ties up my phone and I can’t use other apps while it’s playing. Please update the YouTube app on the Apple TV to support this!

It’s Good and has potential for great!

I love the simplicity of this app, and to me it’s better than what Hulu, Sling TV, and others have to offer. Things I think it needs to improve or gain: - “Picture in Picture” Support - Split Screen Support - Apple TV app - Quality Default Setting - More channels in 1080p - Larger selection of Channels like HGTV, Food Network, etc. Once these things are added, it will definitely be a 5 star app for me!

zero stars

crap ads on tv when you already pay for it???????? really

Excellent early stage service

YouTube TV is not perfect but I have never felt better than cutting the cord. It has most of what I want. (Can we get Turner networks and Weather channel?). Overall, completely workable substitute for cable.

Absolutely love YouTube TV

Love the service, easy to use both casting with chrome cast and playing directly from my iPhone. I recommend this product to everyone I know that is trying to get away from traditional cable packages.

Terrible App

The app does not always maintain the spot in the show when you go back and forth between iPhone/iPad and Chromecast. It starts live shows at current recording time. So if you are recording a game to watch later, there is a good chance you will see the current score before you jump to beginning. And overall, the app feels clunky.

Well designed UI

Pros: The best TV streaming user experience! Finally a company has succeeded in building the right TV streaming app. So easy to use and I needed no thinking at all in figuring out how this works. Very reliable and consistent. I hope Youtube TV can completely manage the ads because it’s more predictable (e.g it shows something like ad 2 of 5) Youtube ads style! Cons: Missing important channels (for example CNN and HGTV) which we used to watch a lot. I am willing to pay extra to get them. Although HD quality is ok, cable TV still provides relatively better quality.

Get rid of the commercials

So far, I am enjoying my YouTube tv, but I may cancel it due to the commercials. I understand if I am watching live tv, but I don’t like paying and still getting commercials.


Its great but we need this on roku :/

Ads freeze playback

This issue really needs to be fixed properly whenever I’m casting with Chromecast or using airplay to my Apple TV and the first set of heads kicks in the play back styles I have to exit out of airplay or chromecast casting in order to finish playing the ads so that I can continue watching the show. Sometimes it’s even worse and the show starts all the way from the beginning after I’ve finished watching half or 3/4 of the show. This is really frustrating as hell. Google/alphabet, whatever the hell you’re calling yourself today you really need to fix this or a lot of people are going to bail from this half-baked service.

When will it be in Omaha Nebraska

I want it in my town how long will that take

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