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It’s not FREE

I left Sling for this, HOWEVER...

Great app. Great concept. A few things that I think might make it exceptional: PIP, a tighter and more consistent UI, and a DEDICATED APPLE TV APP

Needs work!

The good: I thought the feel of the app was nice, and it’s about time YouTube brought live tv to its fold. The “meh!”: I can stream regular YouTube from my iPhone via Roku to my TV’s. It’s awesome! BUT! There isn’t a way to do that with YouTube live (that I know of, anyway!) So, until that feature is possible, this will not be something I’ll subscribe to once the free trial is over.

$40 for 42 Channels

Over priced


Will not sign up until there is an Apple TV app. I’ll stick with DirecTV NOW.

Could of been higher or lower

If there was a 2 and a half store that’s what I would of given. It has great positives but also has negatives. Could be a great service with a few changes. Some positives is the cost. $35 is reasonable for its channel offering. It also has unlimited DVR which is great. And they have local networks, another plus. Finally you can have six accounts. But the negatives out do the positives for me personally. It doesn’t have a dedicated Apple TV app which is the biggest bust for me. I’m not going to airplay to it to use this service. Another is if it had just a few more networks it would put its offering over the top of it kept the same price. Not likely to happen. I wish that it had options for younger children to have there own accounts since not everyone has kids over the age of 13.

This is AMAZING!

This app is great!! The future of TV is here!!

Great app

This app is still in its infancy but it’s great to watch live TV. Don’t fall for the subscription it’s a pain in the butt to cancel it.

Exsqueese me??

Sling is $25 a month.

Its okay of a app

First i think it is way to expensive for the subscription just to get free local channels if they come out with a better price I’ll decide to buy a membership but for now its okay no problem with the air play

YouTube TV - Awesome

Ok so I already get cable tv through my apartment building, included with my Rent. I definitely wanted to test this service since it’s now available for my area SPRINGFIELD Missouri. The iPhone app is quite good and the tv quality service was excellent. You get some great channels for the price. $35 or $40 if you subscribe through iTunes. I do hope they add more channels to their lineup in future. But pretty awesome for True Cord Cutters!


It’s a great service and app. And I got the free chrome cast


Not free

Power cycle needed to Cast...

I love google, but the cast function keeps disappearing. Seems to only reappear after powering the Chromecast off/on. This is a pain to do each time you want to watch TV.

Enjoying it but waiting for bugs to be fixed.

Im trying the free well to see if we will continue. So far Im very pleased. The only issue weve had is that I have to delete the app and reinstall it in order to get the airplay button to appear after everyone we leave YouTube tv and then come back to it. Not dissatisfied though as I know things are new and bugs just need to be worked out. Love everything else!


Chrome cast disappeared. Might be a bug fix, other than that I like the app and will rate it much higher once I’m able to cast it again on YouTube from my PlayStation.

Come on YouTube.

How do you not have it available everywhere. I’ve been trying to use this app for months and months and months. Fix your location stuff and then I might give it a higher review.

Very cool but...

there is no YouTube TV app for Apple TV yet. Will renew subscription when there is Apple TV support. Because I’m not going to watch tv on my phone every time I want to watch something. ? and I don’t want to have to Airplay something because sometimes I’d like to watch a clip or a friends snap during commercials and it’ll interrupt what I have playing. Sometimes I like to snap what I’m watching and I can’t do that while AirPlaying. Also, I wish there were more channels! ?

Works great. Even better with chrome cast.

So far, it’s a phenomenal app and solution to cable/satellite chord cutting. On demand and recording is quick and easy to use. Live works great. It’s mostly about how your connection and speed is. My wish list is A&E Network (LIVE PD!), Nick Jr. And HBO option. Word to the wise: do not use with Apple TV as the connection is HORRIBLE. Always glitchy.

Casting icon keeps disappearing

This app is awesome... when it works. Every time I close the app and reopen it, the casting icon is completely gone. I’m on the same WiFi network as my Roku and it won’t appear for anything. I’ve been having to delete the app and re-download it every time.

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