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Need help

I want to cancel my subscription and my money back i just wanted to try it out

Perfect for my Family!

I was looking for a cheaper option for cable and this was my first option for a trial run. It has all the channels we watch and even better has local channels! The connection runs great in our area and we never have any issues. I love that it records all my favorite shows and notifies me when they are about to start. Great app!!!!

Sent so many requests. Called support

Still keeps on buffering. Common someone should be able to help why am not able to watch even one program from my dvr.,

The Future of Television

As the price of my cable started to rise more and more each month, I got tired of paying for services that me and my family barely used. I heard about YouTube TV, Sling TV, and a couple of other internet tv options. I did my research and decided to try YouTube TV and it was a great decision. It’s easy to install, navigate, and provides the basic channels that I really actually NEED along with unlimited storage space for recordings. They also have great on-demand movie selections too. All of that for 40$ a month is a killer price for me. If you don’t mind missing a couple of entertainment channels like MTV, Vh1, or BET, you’ll be fine. The platform is only about a year old and is still growing. I’m pretty sure in the months to come they are going to keep on adding more and more channels at the base price. I couple this together with my Netflix and it’s just amazing. Saving about 70$ a month now since cutting the cable. I love it.

Doesnt work

You cant actually watch any television without expensive subscriptions. This is different from cable tv how?

Not free trial!

Tried to sign up for the ‘free trial’ but was charged immediately for the full month Then tried to get it on my web enabled tv and it’s not allowing it WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!!! And no way to contact them to troubleshoot! Terrible!!!!

Somewhat ok

It freezes after rewinding it 10 secs. Almost at the end of the show, like 10-15 before it ends it restarts the show again. Needs more fixing and more movies to be available to play on mobile devices.

Family member/Family share issues

I am a family share member and the app doesn’t allow me to login. Every time I try, it prompts me to sign up and pay. I’ve tried deleting it multiple times and the administrator tried resending me an invite to the family share but when I accept the invite, it tells me I’ve already joined the family. Very frustrating.


i was really disappointed in the app work on my device because it wont work in Georgia ?

Great app!!!

I sampled a few cable cutting solutions and I liked YouTube TV the best!!! The app is VERY easy to navigate and it, as well as the service, has been updated several times with great improvements. A recent update lets each user arrange the channels in the order they want to see them. Love it!!!!

Impossible to cancel once you sign up!

If you signed up even for the free 7 day trial it is almost impossible to cancel. You have to call and speak to someone to cancel. They make it very difficult to cancel during the short 7 day trial period. Will take almost the entire 7 days to get a hold of an actual person to cancel. Good luck!!

Own Channel

Please add the Own Channel Aspire & TvOne, I’ll love to Switch my Provider in a Heart Beat, hope to see the NFL Network as Well. Overall Your Streaming App is Awesome!

Saved $290 a month!

I have no complaints. Get the channels I NEED and not the 200 extra that I don’t watch. Was able to get rid of cable at both my home and office.

Don’t get it for DVR features!

If you want an app to watch channels live, this tends to work ok. But the cloud-based DVR? Garbage! Most of my experience is with the Apple TV version but the poor cloud DVR functionality persists across any version I have, from my experiences. Same on the Samsung smart tv app and same on my iPhone app. And Internet bandwidth isn’t the problem. So, what do I mean by poor functionality? Pause live TV: Pausing works fine. However, if you do anything (ff, rewind) but just play from that pause, you will likely run into problems. The problems range from choppy video/sound to frozen picture to an “I give up” screen where it tells you an error happened and the best they can do is give you a cryptic 16 character code and ask you to go deliver it to them!? Recording shows to watch later: This tends to work a little better. Although I do run into similar problems at times, the most common annoyance is the lack of preview scenes when you’re skipping around. These preview windows show up sometimes but seem to be getting more and more rare, which makes movement through a recorded program tedious. Also, one more annoyance, if you select a program on a network channel like ABC to record regularly, be aware that if you have more than one ABC channel (local & national, maybe) then the app will randomly record each day from either of them. Which, for me, is frustrating. I get local news on one but not the other. No way to choose to record just the one channel apparently.

Love service but app is buggy

They do keep updating which sometimes causes and sometimes fixes issues. 3/31 New update came out yesterday and app no longer works. You can play something but you cant posit for fast forward or rewind. 3/15/18 Had to lower stars because they put out an iPhone update that makes it impossible to switch what you are watching without disconnecting and reconnecting from Chromecast. They just keep putting out buggy versions. This is a far superior tv service to Hulu tv however I have to restart my phone and chromecast several times a day to watch stuff. Now more frequently. I enjoy the DVR, guide, movie selection, and not having to pay for Comcast very much! Best service maybe ever, but I cant give it high stars because its an App rating. I frequently have to disconnect and reconnect to chromecast just to unpause and then I loose my place. Its frustrating!!! The guide needs work in letting you see whats on next. Its impossible to read about other movies or browse because the app starts what page youre on. Other then buggy iPhone app issues, the streaming quality is great, they keep adding channels, customer service really does try, and it the app is easy to use. The unlimited DVR sure is motivation to stay with this service and for the price its certainly beyond worth it!

Good idea, but the app needs work

Been using Youtube TV for about 6 months. I like it way better than Cable and even with all the issues, I’m never going back to dealing with cable companies. For some reason all my recordings start over around the last third of the recording. Incredibly frustrating since I can never watch the ending. The app constantly disconnects when I’m using chromecast to watch something on my TV. Get these issues fixed and I’ll be a customer forever.

Impossible to cancel membership

I signed up on my laptop to watch the olympics. I am trying to cancel my membership, but it is impossible to do it on my phone. I can’t cancel through the app, and the website points me back to the app. This experience is worse than what I get from Comcast. Google is a total scam.

Best way to watch tv

I tried Hulu, Sling, Play station and I wasn’t not very impressed. Hulu was pretty good but their interface needs a lot of improvement. I decided to give YouTube TV a try and I was immediately impressed. It is the easiest, most user friendly app available and it works flawlessly with my iPad, iPhone and Apple TV. My only request would be to add some cooking channels and HGTV.

YouTube TV hits the sweet spot

Family of four ranging from 6 years up. All 4 local Philly networks, though NBC occasionally switches to Baltimore for unknown reasons. Sports, Lifestyle and children shows are all covered. Building our library (aka DVR) is a piece of cake. $35 for YouTube TV, $50 for high speed cable and $14 for Netflix gives us a full entertainment offering for half of what we paid for cable TV. We run YouTube TV through Roku so we have a simple physical remote control. Easy for the entire family.


I wish it was Available where I live

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