YouTube TV App Reviews

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This is the most affordable way to do tv

I’m never going back to cable. Everyone I show YouTube tv to is so impressed when I show them live tv on my phone, and the unlimited DVR of my shows.

Love it

I said I love it.


It’s free for 7 days only after that $39.99

Fantastic alternative to Cable

YouTube TV is a much more affordable alternative to cable that allows you to watch your shows on the go. The fact that you can have 6 accounts let’s you customize your tv schedule and so can every other person in your house. The only complaint that I have is that your shows need to be set on each different device (they don’t carry over). Other than that, it is awesome for $35.

I love this app!!

This app is the best. I love this app for all the channels, the DVR and how easy it is to use. An added bonus, is that I hate Comcast and now do not have to watch their complete lack of channels that interest me. YouTube TV just about has it all!


I ain’t paying 30 bucks a month to watch 5 ads every ten minutes. Good content, though. But no, ain’t paying for them ads.

Doesn’t work?

Requires GPS to track your location. And then tells me it’s not available. Watch on the Puttlocker website instead, it works and is even free.

No Picture in Picture for iPad

Google knows how to do this feature as it’s available in the YouTube app if you pay money but they don’t implement it in YouTube TV because … reasons?

Great app but one thing is missing

It’s a great app in any kind of way, the only thing is missing is the “start from the beginning” button on YOUTUBE TV App on smart tvs.

No good

Can’t wait even sign up in supported areas tried on multiple devices

Bye bye Midco. Hello Youtube TV!

Could not be happier with Youtube TV and so happy to be dropping Midco.

Good service, terrible app

I love the selection of channels and video quality, but the app (especially on the Apple TV) is nearly unusable. Has anyone over at Google actually used this app for more than 5 minutes on an Apple TV? I highly doubt it. Either that or some managerial type forced it to be released before it was done. It’s so bad it makes me wonder, “did they assign the creation of this app to an intern!?!” It frequently gets itself into a state where the directional controls completely stop working. Basic things like swiping using the Apple TV remote app frequently scrolls the wrong direction. Killing and restarting the app sometimes helps but not always. In general it’s frequently unresponsive for no apparent reason. This is the only app I use regularly on the Apple TV that has these kinds of issues. Please fix this or I’ll be canceling the service.

Needs work on roku

Nice features and works great on iOS but is pretty terrible on roku! Freezes and shuts down constantly and very laggy when navigating through

F-off cable companies !

They finally have an Apple TV app AND added key networks(tbs, cnn). 5 stars! Slick and fast interface- makes cable box interfaces look 20 Years old. Best DVR interface I’ve ever used. I used to have TiVo - $15 a month for just guide info, no streaming outside home(never worked consistently), slow hardware. No thanks. I tried DirectTV Now- slow, crash-y, crappy interface with similar channel lineup. No thanks. Try this. I hope cable companies burn in hell for their opaque pricing, price-gauging / expensive packages.


You have CartoonNetwork, Disney, and Sprout. BUT WHERE IS NICKELODEON!!!!! Nickelodeon doesn’t have youtube tv yet so I NEED something to watch it on.

Bull crap

I cancelled before free trial ended and still charged me. Can’t find a number anywhere to call. Trap

Love it

I love the fact that it shows a guide just like cable and it’s easy to find the shows LIVE TV you want to watch. I wished the price was not as steep.

Best cord-cutting App

Would be better if it supported full screen zoom on iPhone X just like the regular YouTube app does


This app is in some serious need of attention in the chromecast department. For $35/month the connection issues with chromecast compared to any other app, including Google apps is horrendous...

A horrible struggle

I downloaded this app and signed up for my free trial because I wanted to record one olympic event that was going to occur while I was at work the next day. I could not find that event or anything else for the next day; so, I decided to cancel my subscription and not be charged money. I could not cancel in the app, in safari, or in my ipad settings. I had to use chrome to cancel even though I did not need chrome to sign up.

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